The Safari

Safari was founded in 2008. Innovative in our essence, we are one of the first digital agencies in our state, Pernambuco, to mix technology and design. With strategic thinking, we interect consumers and brand, seeking a long-term relationship betweem them.

Our team works in the areas of Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital, Software Engineering and works with projects involving branding, web design, mobile, web application and social networks.

We do our job according to the client's needs and expectations. We have in our portfolio companies like Chlorophylla, Rota do Atântico, Hospital Memorial São José ,Wine Botticelli, Metallurgical industry Silvana, Coca-Cola, Tintas Iquine, Burn Energy Drink, Nannai Resort, Governo de Pernambuco, SJCC, PE no Carnaval, Fanta, Elemídia, Porto Novo Recife, Movimento, Secopa and Vivo.


We offer services in a personal and estrategic way, with comunication and technology, forming the basis for the thoughts focused on solving problems.


  • Brand
  • Web design
  • Site, e-commerce, blog, portal
  • Mobile apps
  • Games, fanpage
  • Information architecture
  • User Experience & information
  • Digital art direction
  • Responsive design

Digital Production

  • Android and ios apps
  • Ecommerce, portal
  • Websites, blog, hotsite
  • Cms, backend and frontend
  • Touch screen, kinect, facebook apps
  • Advergames, multimedia
  • Software engineering, web applications
  • Web plataforms & APIs
  • Mobile, tablet & web service
  • Social media tool
  • Technology Services

Social Midia

  • Content production
  • Content monitoring
  • Relationship management
  • Content strategy

Digital Strategy

  • Digital consulting
  • Digital Business
  • E-mail marketing campaign
  • SEO
  • Advertising banners
  • Google adwords
  • Facebook campaign
  • Interactive actions